Thursday, October 18, 2007

ED&BV....le sigh

I am borderline obsessed with this book. I think the anticipation built prior to receiving the book, combined the fact that it is truly an awesome cookbook validate the obsession.
My favorite recipe so far is the Lemon Garlic Pasta. Yes, I made this twice in two weeks. I think it is my new lazy supper. But I will make it even when I'm not feeling lazy, because it is wonderful. Mmm. Goodbye store-bought tomato sauce, hello lemon pasta. I threw in some tomatoes and spinach from the Farmer's Market for extra health and yumminess. (I used spinach rice pasta both times I made this...hence the colour.)To accompany the pasta, we had the Living Caesar Salad, which was lovely and yummy, and will certainly be made again in the near future.
And for last night's dinner, the Brown Rice and Beans "Jumble-aya". We didn't have a can of diced tomatoes, or kidney beans, so we compromised, using diced cherry tomatoes and black beans. It was so simple to make, and really good.
For breakfast yesterday morning, we made the Peanut Banana Tortilla Turnovers with Molassa-Dip. They were, of course, so good!
And for a snack while we watched America's Next Top Model (oh reality terrible guilty pleasure.....), we made the Softly Spiced Nuts, though I failed to get a picture.
One last ED&BV item.... The Chocolate Mint Melties. I took these out of the oven less than an hour ago, and my house smells minty-licious. Mmmm. I am bringing them to my step-sister's birthday party tonight (Happy 14th Birthday, Nicole!), and am fighting not to eat them all.
Okay, so I think my husband is scheduling an ED&BV intervention as we speak, so I'll move on.
A few weeks ago, my lovely new friend Nicolette and her son (who's just a tad younger than Quinn) came over to spend the morning with us. Not only are they vegan, but Nicolette is also a Holistic Health Practitioner, which is super cool. Anyways, we decided to make some smoothies with veggies (which, oddly enough, Dreena posted about a few days later). I didn't get any pictures that day, but here's a picture of my smoothie-covered boy on a different day, and the recipe Nicolette shared with me.
This smoothie had purple kale, hence the purple-ness.
Nicolette's Pear-Mint Smoothie
4 ripe pears, cored and sliced
4-5 leaves kale
1/4 cup mint leaves
4-5 dandelion leaves
2 cups water
Throw is all in a blender and enjoy!
This recipe is great, because the sweet mint really overpowers the flavour of the kale. I like to add a few tablespoons of Udo's DHA oil as well. :)
I'm going to a potluck this weekend, and will be making the tofu roast again (by request), as ell as some other goodies that I'll post about early next week.


The Little Vegan said...

Haha I love the face!

And the food looks fantastic-- I so want to get a copy of this cookbook!

Vegetation said...

Awwww a smoothie grin.

I want this book too. That pasta sounds like it would be just my thing. YUM!

VeggieGirl said...

you're only borderline obsessed with ED&BV?? my family and I are full-blown obsessed!!! haha. such an amazing cookbook - every recipe I've made from it has had incredible results; and it looks like you've had the same results as well!! :0)

Michelle said...

i'm obsessed as well! there are just too many yummy sounding recipes in there, it's so hard to decide what to try next.

reiskeks said...

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Julie said...

Everything looks soooo good! Of course, I love the smoothie face :)

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

great face! looks so happy.

the lemon garlic pasta dish looks like something i would love.

VegMomma said...

Thanks everyone!

veggie barbie girl said...

We have this cookbook, my Mom loves it. I like the cookie recipes. And of course anything pasta is always good!